Matt Horner is a stone sculptor based in Keene, NY, a small town nestled in the high peaks of the Adirondacks.

Horner’s stones are all local, excavated from nearby rivers and mountains. His process starts with marking the stone and blocking out the form, sawing cuts into the stone, then hand chiseling off the unwanted material and finally grinding and polishing to achieve the desired finish. The forms that emerge –  with their organic, flowing curves and earthy palette of colors –  are a reflection of the inspiration Horner draws from his abundantly mountainous home. His exceptional technique and mastery of form, balance, scale and detail result in a unique collection of stone art objects.

Horner is also a licensed rock/ice and fly fishing guide, and when he isn’t carving stone he can often be found climbing on it. The patience, commitment and aesthetic sense of line that is such a part of this discipline also informs his stone work.

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